ORGAINVENT has been developing and operating
verification systems and certification systems at the
agriculture – food industry and agriculture – energy industry interfaces
since 1998.

These systems are standards for the market participants.
They generally follow EU legal requirements and are regularly and independently audited by external certification organisations.

ORGAINVENT can also develop verification systems and certification systems
for your business or your industry, according to your requirements.


ORGAINVENT was founded on 21 November 1997.
Business partner: QS Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH, Bonn.
Managing director: Peter Jürgens

The purpose of our business is “the development and coordination of labelling, assurance and goods management systems between the agricultural industry and the food trade”. These systems can, furthermore, also be applied to the interface between agriculture and the energy industry.

ORGAINVENT sees itself as a “round table” between agriculture, the food retail or energy industries, and the national authorities.

Over the past 20 years, ORGAINVENT has developed various systems for the identification and traceability of food products, with the first of the systems for labelling and traceability to be approved by the BLE (German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food) having already been developed by 1998. This was supplemented with systems for the labelling and traceability of pig meat and poultry meat (1999, 2000), which were used on a voluntary basis.

The first labelling system for eggs was also planned and implemented by ORGAINVENT in 2000. This system was replaced by statutory regulations in 2004.

Since 2015, we have also offered the ORGAINVENT system for the indication of origin of meat (beef, pig, sheep, goat, poultry and other), which also incorporates the “MEISTERHAFT from the butcher / from the direct marketer you trust” individualised certification standard developed by ORGAINVENT.

Since 2003, ORGAINVENT has been an approved coordinator for the QS system for various agricultural sectors (livestock farming, arable farming, fruit / vegetables / potatoes, livestock transport), both domestically and within Europe, as well as for the butchers’ trade.

Since 2014, agricultural participants of the “Initiative Tierwohl” [animal welfare initiative] have also been coordinated by ORGAINVENT.

The verification systems for products other than foodstuffs have been implemented by a number of companies that took over the management services for ORGAINVENT:

  • Since 2010: REDcert Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung nachhaltig erzeugter Biomasse mbH [Limited Company for the Certification of Sustainable Biomass]
  • Since 2011: SeedGuard Gesellschaft für Saatgutqualität mbH [Limited Company for Seed Quality]
  • Since 2019: SURE Sustainable Resources Verification Scheme GmbH


New or changed legal requirements – customer wishes – consumer expectations – critical NGOs

Companies must orient themselves in this field of uncertainty, need to respond promptly, and must not overlook any updates. Industry associations do not always take up these challenges and support the market participants.

Individual solutions between the supplier and the customer can lead to many different solutions, which can mean considerable additional expense for the company.


ORGAINVENT is a neutral service provider. We are not active in the manufacturing or marketing sectors ourselves. Instead, we draw on our many years of experience with our systems and our high level of commitment to solve your challenges.

Industry solutions have the advantage that all participants in the industry (producers, processors, marketers) are sat together at the round table and approach the challenges cooperatively. ORGAINVENT moderates this round table and works through proposed solutions with those involved. These could be joint decisions or industry-led systems.

ORGAINVENT establishes the system requirements in conjunction with the concerned parties and structures industry demands, legal requirements, verification and inspection scenarios. ORGAINVENT manages the systems and makes itself available as a point of contact.

Logo ORGAINVENT Herkunftskennzeichnung von Fleisch


By using the ORGAINVENT system for the indication of origin of meat, businesses are able to make the legally required declarations of origin for beef, pig meat, sheep meat, goat meat and poultry meat in a correct and traceable manner. Furthermore, all voluntary “added value” declarations regarding meat can also be checked and reconciled as well as reliably and verifiably documented in day-to-day work using the ORGAINVENT system.

Cooperation arrangements with the EIFEL regional brand together with our own MEISTERHAFT standard for the butchers’ trade and agricultural direct marketers, complete the ORGAINVENT system.

Logo QS Bündelung mit Orgainvent


In order to be able to participate in the QS system (run by Qualität und Sicherheit GmbH) and in the “Initiative Tierwohl” system, agricultural producers and the butchers’ trade need to associate themselves with a coordinator. ORGAINVENT has been acting as a coordinator for all types of agricultural production and the butchers’ trade since 2003, both in Germany and in other European countries.

Logo RedCert - Zertifizierung von BioMasse


REDcert offers you certification systems for sustainable biomass and biofuels (REDcert-DE und REDcert-EU) as well as sustainable agricultural raw materials, not only for use in the food and animal feed industry, but also for sustainable material flows in the chemical industry (REDcert²).

The REDcert philosophy consists of supporting the system participants with their implementation of a sustainability certification and offering practice-oriented systems. The systems provided by REDcert can be used by all of the economic operators in the respective value creation chain. REDcert’s activities with regard to the implementation of sustainability requirements are primarily focussed on Germany and Europe.

Logo SeedGuard - Nachhaltiges Saatgut


Certification in accordance with the SeedGuard System is voluntary and serves primarily to ensure the greatest possible health and environmental protection for the process of seed dressing as well as for the resulting product – the dressed seeds.

It is making an important contribution to the proper application of dressings and the acceptance of seed dressing and, in the future, will also contribute as a proven means of verification to the quality assurance of seed treatment.

Logo Sure GmbH


The Sustainable Resources Verification Scheme (SURE) is an international certification system that is intended to ensure the sustainability of biomass usage for electricity and heat generation in accordance with the standard set by EU Directive 2018/2001/EC (“RED II”) and to document the corresponding greenhouse gas savings.

SURE is aimed at biomass (cogeneration) power plants as well as biogas and biomethane plant operators and all of the economic operators in the upstream chains.


November, 24, 2022

25 years of ORGAINVENT – Origin labelling more topical than ever before
– The topic of origin labelling of meat has steadily gained in importance over the past 25 years.
– ORGAINVENT has continuously expanded and consolidated its leading role in origin labelling.
– Together with the companies, ORGAINVENT creates the basis for a functioning information chain to ensure traceability.

ORGAINVENT GmbH was founded 25 years ago on 27.11.1997 against the background of the BSE crisis and has since then successfully taken care of labelling, security and merchandise management systems between the agricultural industry and the food trade. The BSE crisis has been overcome in the meantime, but the issue of origin labelling has steadily gained in importance over the past 25 years. ORGAINVENT has been able to continuously expand and consolidate its leading role in origin labelling.

You can find out more about this in the attached press release


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