Information about ORGAINVENT seminars and events


We offer seminars for beef labelling for all system subscribers. You can choose between "Open Seminars" in Bonn or "In-House-Seminars" at your location.

Seminars are all held in German.

For further information please contact Ms This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (+ 49 228 35 06 113)



EU-Conferences on beef labelling

With the EU conferences ORGAINVENT has established a forum in which participants in the industry form the EU Member states can discuss their experiences, problems and wishes with regard to beef labelling in accordance with Reg. EC 1760/2000.


4th EU-confernce, Cologne 2007

3rd EU-conference, Cologne 2004

2nd EU-conference, Bonn 2001

1st EU-conference, Aachen 2000